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The Time Has Come
Call for a Constitution for a New World of Peace, Health and Social Justice
Interview with Matthias Rath, M.D.


Dr. Rath, after your campaign against the war on Iraq, the public is interested to know more about you, can you please give us more information about your achievements?
             First of all let me emphasize, I’m a doctor, a scien-tist and – above all – a human being, an inhabitant of our planet with the desire to keep this planet intact and not to allow it to be incinerated in a third world war.
             As a doctor and scientist I was privileged to con-tribute to several areas which will allow mankind to build a healthier and hopefully more peaceful world. My discoveries in the area of natural health prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease will allow us to largely eradicate heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heart beat and a variety of other related conditions in this and the future generations of mankind.
             The second contribution to mankind I made was the exposure of the pharmaceutical industry as the largest investment industry on earth, maintaining and promoting one of the largest deception and fraud schemes in the history of mankind. While the advertisements promise “health” the very market place of this investment industry is the existence and expansion of diseases. Prevention, root cause treatment and eradication of diseases threaten the pharmaceutical “investment business with disease” and are therefore fought by the so-called pharmaceutical cartel. In a public presentation in June 1997, I formulated for the first time the sobering analysis, that the very industry that claims the monopoly on global “health care” is by itself the biggest obstacle for the people of the world to enjoy a healthy life.
       The third accomplishment I consider noteworthy is the fact that I was able to spread this life saving information and analysis on a global scale. By doing that it became so threatening to the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment group that it is now seeking to cement its global grip on the people of the world with the help of legal force through protection laws and the abandoning of civil rights.
       The pretence for this strategy is the so-called global “war on terrorism”. This war against “terrorism” is not a real war. It is strategically developed and implemented to create a global state of fear and intimidation that allows the implementation of such drastic legal measures not only in America, but also around the world.
       My closest co-workers foresaw this development more than a decade ago. It was at that time that the late two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling said: “Your discoveries are so important that they threaten entire industries. One day there may even be wars just to prevent your breakthrough from being widely accepted.”
You graduated from medical school and worked as a doctor and researcher, what made you switch to research in natural therapies?
       I started off in conventional research into the causes of cardiovascular disease. At that time it was thought that high cholesterol levels were the main factor for causing heart attacks and strokes. Under the influence of the manufacturers of cho-lesterol lowering drugs, the medical doctors were told that high cholesterol levels damage the blood vessel walls, thereby leading to their thickening and eventually to their blockage leading to heart attacks and strokes. Today we know this was just another marketing story of the pharmaceutical industry. If high cholesterol would damage the blood vessel walls it would do so everywhere along the long pipeline of our blood vessel system. This system would clog everywhere and not just in the heart or in the brain. In other words, we would also get in-farctions of the nose, the ear, the knees, elbows, fingers and any other organ of the body. This is clearly not the case.
       Then I discovered that cardiovascular disease is essentially unknown in the animal world, whereas amongst human beings it is a leading cause of death. The next discovery was a breakthrough for natural health worldwide. Animals manufacture their own vitamin C in their bodies, which is required to produce the reinforcement molecules of our body and its blood vessel system called collagen. The more vitamin C, the more collagen, the more stability for our blood vessel walls and the less heart attacks. Animals rarely get heart attacks because they produce sufficient amounts of vitamin C in their own bodies. We human beings cannot produce a single molecule of this vitamin and frequently get too few vitamins in our diet, exposing our blood vessel system to weakness and to the development of deposits. These deposits develop primarily in areas where our blood vessels are exposed to mechanical stress, such as the coronary arteries of the pumping heart.
       This series of discoveries was so compelling that it not only explains why animals don’t get heart at-tacks but people do but also why we get heart at-tacks and not nose attacks. In the meantime these dramatic findings were confirmed by research data and clinical studies beyond any doubt.
       So the scientific discoveries that passed my way were the most important reason why I left conven-tional research and turned to the molecules that are most effective in preventing and curing today’s diseases - the molecules that are produced by nature itself and are required for the optimum functioning of the cells.
Many of your research papers were pub-lished in scientific magazines. What was the focus of your research?
       The discovery about the nature of cardiovascular disease, that is the cause of heart attacks and strokes, was just the beginning. Understanding that vitamins, minerals, certain amino acids and trace elements are needed as biological “fuel” for millions of cells in our body, it became obvious that not only coronary artery disease and heart attacks could be prevented by applying this knowledge, so could variety of today’s most common health conditions. Over the past years my research institute in collaboration with scientists and doctors worldwide have established beyond any doubt, that the following diseases are primarily caused by long-term deficiencies in these micronutrients (vitamins, min-erals etc.). By supplying an optimum amount of these micronutrients either in our regular diet or by supplementing our diet, the following health conditions can largely be prevented: High blood pressure (caused by long term micronutrient deficiency in millions of cells of the blood vessel wall), heart failure (micronutrient deficiency in millions of heart muscle cells) as well as irregular heart beat, diabetic circulatory problems and others.
       Another significant discovery was the natural way to prevent cancer cells from spreading in the body. Some years ago I had published information that all cancer cells, irrespective of what type of cancer and in which organ it begins, spread in the same way. They use “biological scissors” (enzymes) that are able to cut through the tissue molecules (collagen) of our body. The more aggressive a cancer type is, the more of these collagen-digesting enzymes it produces.
       This overshooting production of enzymes that can destroy the tissue can be diminished or entirely blocked in a natural way by using the amino acids lysine and proline, combined with vitamin C and certain other micronutrients. Recently our research firm has established that all types of cancer cells studied can be blocked by taking advantage of this nutrient synergy in blocking the action of these enzymes. In Europe and America there are already tens of thousands of cancer patients taking advantage of this natural way to prevent and treat cancer. Hundreds of them have already recovered from this disease. This is even more significant, considering the fact that, up until now, conventional medicine has considered cancer a “death verdict”. We have carefully documented many cancer patients with x-rays of their lungs, their bones before and after this natural therapy. You can actually see the documented success on the website of our Foundation
       Thus I am in the privileged position of having con-tributed to the control of some of today’s most common diseases. The only question that remains is why is this information not being spread worldwide at once? To answer this question we have to talk again about the pharmaceutical investment business that is actively fighting any breakthrough that allows the eradication of their global disease market.
       You are the founder of a new concept of medicine “Cellular Medicine”. Would you explain what Cellular Medicine is and the benefits of its implementation?
       Today, medicine is divided into different disciplines according to organs of the body. The cardiologist takes care of the heart, the gastro of the intestine, the orthopedic doctors of bones and hips. This organ-approach ignores the facts that health and disease are not determined on the level of organs but at the level of the millions of cells that make up these organs and the human body. The single most important reason for an impairment of cell function and ultimately disease is a lack of bio-energy at the level of these cells. The most important bio-energy molecules needed for these cells to function prop-erly are biocatalysts, small molecules that acceler-ate the chemical reactions in these cells. The most important among these natural molecules are vitamins, minerals, trace elements and certain amino acids. Cellular medicine is a new field of medicine that applies this knowledge to the prevention and treatment of today most common diseases. At our cellular medicine research institute we continue to investigate the specific need for these micronutrients to prevent and correct specific diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and infectious diseases.
       It is already visible that medicine in the twenty first century will take advantage of the knowledge on a global scale, enabling mankind to largely eradicate itself from today’s most common diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. There is no time to be lost; every person on earth can understand this principle without a medical degree. Every health care professional, every politician responsible for the health of his people should immediately familiarize themselves with these scientific facts and develop national health care programs using this knowledge.
Why do you think that natural treatment and control is better and more efficient than traditional pharmaceutical treatment?
       The pharmaceutical industry is an investment in-dustry. By its very nature it cannot and will not pro-duce drugs that prevent or eradicate diseases, be-cause that would eliminate these diseases as a market place for the continued use of those drugs. This fact is hard to comprehend and even harder to accept. But it is the truth and everyone should know about it.
       Accordingly, 80% of the pharmaceutical drugs currently on the world market have no proven efficacy but merely cover symptoms. As a direct result of this fact, today’s most common diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, AIDS and many other diseases, are not contained but rather continue to spread despite the fact that effective, non-patentable alternatives are available.
       Students of biology and biochemistry around the world learn about the role of micronutrients for the optimum function of the cells. Unfortunately, the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on medical education worldwide has such a tight grip that, so far, these scientific effects have not been applied to solving medical problems. The precondition for the world to enjoy the benefits of natural health treatment is both, the acceptance of new scientific effects and the removal of artificial barriers in medicine that are economically motivated by the pharmaceutical investment business with disease.
The late two-time noble laureate Dr. Linus Pauling described your achievements as significant. Why did he think that?
       Linus Pauling was the only scientist that had re-ceived two unshared Nobel Prizes. –He received his first Nobel Prize for Chemistry and the second one for Peace, for his commitment to bringing about the first disarmament agreement, the partial nuclear test ban in 1963. Linus Pauling was a giant in science during the twentieth century. He had solved the molecular structure of countless inorganic and organic molecules. He was the first to discover the structural properties of proteins (alpha helix) and the first genetic disease (single cell anemia).
       I got to know Linus Pauling more than twenty years ago when I was a spokesperson for medical students in Germany and on the board of the medical students association of the World Health Organization (WHO). But our acquaintance at that time was not primarily based on science - rather on our common interest to work for peace and nuclear disarmament.
       Years later my own research in the area of cardio-vascular health had led me to recognize the role of vitamins and I talked to him about these discoveries. He immediately recognized the significance of this discovery and invited me to become the first director of cardiovascular research at his institute in California.
       Linus Pauling and I were more than scientific col-leagues. We shared a common vision for a health-ier and more peaceful world. Thus, it is not surpris-ing that shortly before his death, Linus Pauling stated that there is no doubt that he considered me as his successor.

How did the traditional scientific commu-nity react to your work and research?

       New discoveries go through three stages. First they are ridiculed, secondly they are heavily fought and finally they are considered as self-evident. My discoveries in the area of cardiovascular health and cancer are no exception. In a medical world where mechanical solutions like bypass operations and balloon catheter (angioplasty) are the “solutions” to the cardiovascular epidemic and radio-therapy and chemo-therapy the “solutions” to cancer, the possibility of natural, safe and affordable prevention and control of these health problems was nothing short of a revolution.
       In the area of cardiovascular health it took more than 10 years from the publication of my landmark scientific paper “Solution to the puzzle of human cardiovascular disease” until a breakthrough in its acceptance. But ultimately it came on May 4th 2002. Stanford University, one of the leading medical schools in the world, invited me to present this breakthrough at their symposium organized by the medical school. This invitation already reflected the growing public acceptance of our new understanding of cardiovascular disease as an early form of the sailors’ disease scurvy.
       This presentation summarized for the first time in a leading medical institution that has been used by the pharmaceutical cartel for more than a century, some of the most fundamental unsolved questions of cardiology: “Why animals don’t heart attacks, but people do”; why we get heart attacks and not nose attacks; why we get hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) but not of the veins. That is why “venosclerosis” is unknown. The entire presentation is documented on the website of our Foundation.
       Similarly in the field of cancer it took about 10 years from the publication of my discovery of the natural blocking of cancer through the application of lysine and other micronutrients until it was publicly presented. On March 8th 2002, this breakthrough was announced on a full page in the world’s largest newspaper “USA Today”. It spread like a bushfire and many institutions and countries are taking advantage of this knowledge.
       While I have not met opposition on scientific grounds, the opposition from the pharmaceutical industry is very fierce. For the last five years their main strategy has been to try to outlaw the dis-semination of these breakthroughs in the area of natural, non-patentable health, in order to protect their multi-trillion dollar global investment business with disease.
What was the impact of your books on the pharmaceutical industry?
My book “Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks – But People Do” listed for the first time the “laws of the pharmaceutical industry”. These laws identify the pharmaceutical business with disease as an investment industry and not a health industry. They unmask the principle of patentability as a principle that deviates the research directions of this industry towards making money not to providing the health needs of the people of the world. This book openly blamed the pharmaceutical investment industry for the premature death of hundreds of millions of people worldwide over the past decades and for the financial ruin of entire economies. This un-masking of the world’s largest investment industry as a multi-trillion-dollar fraud scheme was a coura-geous act. When I gave my speech on the 21st June 1997 openly saying these things for the first time in history to a crowd of 3.500 people in Germany the effect was felt around the world.
       The only reason why the pharmaceutical industry did not retaliate against me is because I connected this unscrupulous “business with disease” with the largest crimes against humanity committed in the 20th century: the mass murder during the second world war. It is a historic fact that the largest European petrochemical and pharmaceutical cartel financed Hitler’s rise to power 70 years ago. The Second World War was primarily a war for the conquest of the natural resources in Eastern Europe and Asia.
       The Nuremberg War Tribunal in 1946/47 estab-lished that the Second World War would not have been possible without this petrochemical cartel, called I.G. Farben. As a result of this tribunal, I.G. Farben was split into Bayer, BASF and Hoechst and some of its managers were sentenced for starting a war against international law, mass murder, exploitation and plundering of private and public property in foreign countries and other crimes against humanity. The history of the corporate background behind the second world war is documented in a book by Josef Borkin ‘The Crime And Punishment Of I.G. Farben’ which is documented on the website of our Foundation.
       Thus, from the very onset of my unmasking strat-egy the pharmaceutical industry was on the defen-sive. Thus, it comes as no surprise that they never dared to retaliate or start a lawsuit for libel and slander. In the meantime, my decade-long efforts to unmask the pharmaceutical industry as a multi-trillion-dollar fraud operation have been confirmed in a lead article in Europe’s largest News weekly “Der Spiegel”. This article openly accuses the pharmaceutical industry of fraud, deception, risking the lives of people, damaging the economies of countries around the world in the magnitude of billions of dollars and of many other accusations I made over the previous years. It took more than 5 years between my first public tribunal against the pharmaceutical business with disease and the large media coverage now confirming these facts. This is no surprise since this article also confirms that the pharmaceutical industry is closely connected to the highest political decision makers in the world. This article also reveals that even now, if a government wants to take action against the pharmaceutical business with disease, the US em-bassies are directly intervening on behalf of the US government!
       I take delight in having been a pioneer not only in the area of natural health but also in unmasking the pharmaceutical business with disease. The article in “Der Spiegel” of March 31, 2003 is the first domino stone that will bring the walls of the pharmaceutical industry down within the foreseeable future. Other media will follow. And this is good. It simply cannot be that the health of millions of people and the economies of the countries of the world is sacrificed to a handful of investors who consistently renew themselves by supporting more and more unscrupulous politicians, including the present ad-ministrations in the United States and Great Britain, with the primary purpose to still artificially maintain this multi-trillion-dollar fraud on our planet.
Are your books available everywhere in the world?

       My books have been translated into more than 10 languages and they are available in most lan-guages in printed form. We also offer these books online on our website so that everyone interested can read this information there. We are making every effort to continue spreading this life-saving information for millions of people, including the natural prevention and therapy for cardiovascular disease, cancer and other common health problems.
       This information is so fundamental that it should be spread worldwide immediately. We welcome every newspaper, radio channel, TV station and other media who understand the importance of this message and assist in disseminating it. The three most prominent books are “Why Animals Don’t Get Attack Heart Attacks – But People Do”, describing the breakthrough in the area of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heart beat and other cardiovascular problems. The book “Cancer” describing the breakthrough in the natural control of cancer. This book describes for the first time that cancer is no longer a death verdict. The third book I wrote is a documentation of my 10-year long fight against the pharmaceutical cartel. It has the title “In The Name Of Mankind”.
Why did we not hear about these break-throughs before?
       The answer is obvious. The pharmaceutical indus-try is not an industry that is naturally grown. It was artificially created by investors who, in order to make money from diseases, had to block natural, non-patentable medical treatments from becoming available throughout the world.
       At the beginning of the 20th century the Rockefeller group already controlled most of the oil business in the United States and many other countries. Based on these trillions of dollars in revenues, this investment group defined a new market place: the human body. The profit or return on this investment was dependent on the patentability of the pharmaceutical drugs invented. The trillion-dollar profits of this new investment industry were used to systematically convert medicine into a pharmaceutically driven investment business. Within a few decades, medicine was controlled by these interest groups through their influence in the medical schools, in the media and in the political arena.
       One of the primary problems this industry faced was the competition from natural health products. Between 1920 and 1935 most of the vitamins and essential nutrients required for optimum cell metabolism were discovered. It was clear to the scientific world that, without these essential molecules in cellular metabolism, these cells would not function properly and would be the origin of disease.
       The pharmaceutical investment strategists realized that and embarked on a global campaign to block this life-saving information from becoming widely available to the people of the world. But silencing this information was only the first step. Further strategic steps to build up the fraudulent pharmaceutical business scheme included discrediting health information about these natural, non-patentable therapies and eventually outlawing any preventive and therapeutic statements about natural therapies.
       All of these measures had one purpose only: to protect the pharmaceutical investment industry based on patentable drugs that merely cover symptoms from natural, non-patentable therapies that are essential for maintaining cellular health. In sharp contrast, the scientific facts about natural molecules essential for basic cellular functions and described in the textbooks of biology became a matter of life and death of this entire investment business. If diseases could be prevented by optimizing cellular health with natural non-patentable molecules this must threaten the very basis of the entire pharmaceutical investment business with diseases. A disease that is prevented or eradicated is simply no market anymore.
       Of particular importance is to reflect on the influ-ence of the pharmaceutical industry on the medical profession. Through the foundation of private medical schools in the United States, including the so-called “Ivy League” universities like Harvard, Yale, Mayo Clinic and others, the pharmaceutical investment industry simply bought medical opinion worldwide. At an increasing rate, the teaching of medical therapies focused on pharmaceutical drugs and – at the same time - natural health treatments were effectively banned as “outdated”.
       Hardly any doctor graduating from medical school during the last decades learned that the first Nobel Prize for the role of Vitamin C in cellular metabolism was awarded in 1937. Thus, throughout more than half a century, generations of doctors – millions of them worldwide – left medical school without any knowledge about the life saving role and health benefits of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
       Everyone can immediately understand the devas-tating consequences of this investment strategy on global human health by looking at the following facts. Hardly anyone among the 6 billion human beings living today knows that the human body does not produce Vitamin C. Now it has become a scientific fact that it is this same vitamin molecule (that is known to protect the arteries from the ‘sailor’s disease’ scurvy) that is also the primary factor to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular health problems. Thus, the simple banning of this life-saving knowledge from the medical profession in the interests of the pharmaceutical investment industry deliberately created the cardiovascular epidemic, the number one health epidemic in the industrialized world as well as in most urban areas of the developing world.
       Hardly any of the people living on earth today know that the human body does not produce the natural amino acid lysine, an essential building block of proteins. Now it turns out that it is this natural molecule lysine that is one of the most important factors in preventing cancer cells from spreading in the body. Cancer is the second largest epidemic in the industrialized world and the pharmaceutical drugs sold during the last month of a cancer patient’s life are one of the most profitable markets of the pharmaceutical business with disease.
       Thus, at the beginning of the 21st century, mankind is waking up from a nightmare. With the dissemination of simple health information about the molecules needed for optimum cellular function but not produced by our body, two out of three lives in the industrialized world and in threshold countries could have been saved.
       And we also have to realize that the fact that the people of the world were ‘asleep’ for an entire cen-tury is not because we are not intelligent people. We have to realize that for the deceptive and fraudulent pharmaceutical business to work it spends billions of dollars for deception and to cre-ate an artificial façade as ‘the benefactors of man-kind’. To reach that goal this industry has spent twice the amount on ‘marketing’ that it spent on research.
       Donald Rumsfeld, the current minister of war of the United States has been the chief executive officer of several pharmaceutical multinational companies. He received several awards for service to this industry before being appointed to his present position in the Bush administration. There is no question that Rumsfeld and the all executives of this industry - including the Rockefeller investment group - know these facts. They are shaking in their boots that the truth about the pharmaceutical business with disease is spreading worldwide like a bush-fire. If that happens, their fate is sealed: They will be held responsible for the death of millions of people from diseases that could have been prevented if not for their deliberate decisions. They know: either they take down mankind in a war and a global ‘Big Brother’ scenario, or mankind will take them down. There is no middle way. This is the background of the current war. This is why they take on the entire planet.
       For more than a century the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical fraud scheme had as a precondi-tion, the banning of life-saving natural, non-patentable health information in the prevention of today’s most common diseases. So no one should really be surprised that they did just that and that we did not hear about these breakthroughs before.
But what about the role of the World Health Organization, did it not promote nutrition?

       The World Health Organization (WHO) was cre-ated more than 50 years ago with the purpose to improve the health of the people worldwide. One of its first focuses was to disseminate information on nutrition. Together with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) the WHO issued annual ‘Joint Reports on Nutrition’ – for about a decade.
       After that time the pharmaceutical investment interests had taken full control of the WHO. From then on it was converted into its opposite. In 1963, only 15 years after the WHO had been founded to serve the people of the world, it had become an instrument of the global pharmaceutical cartel. In 1963, a new commission was launched to specifically fight micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) from being used to prevent, cure and eradicate diseases. The aim of the so-called WHO/FAO “Codex Alimentarius” (nutritional standard) commission was to impose artificial “upper limits” to prevent the people of the world from using these natural health components for therapeutic purposes. This commission also embarked on a “holy war” against dissemination of natural health information related to the proven scientific benefits of these micronutrients. Thus the Pharma-Cartel abused the WHO as their global instrument to push the first globalization legislation – protectionist laws to artificially secure the global health monopoly of patented drugs
       Thus, for the past 40 years, the Organization cre-ated to improve the health of the people of the world has been abused by the profit interests of a handful of investors to do exactly the opposite: keep the people of the world illiterate about life-saving information to prevent today’s most com-mon diseases.
       The publication of my 10-Point-Program “Health for All by the Year 2020” at the world summit in Jo-hannesburg in August 2002 marked a turning point for this Organization. With more than 100 Heads of State being made aware of the fraudulent nature of the pharmaceutical business and the alternatives in natural health, the battle to regain the WHO and use it for the benefit of the people of the world has begun. The developing countries from Africa, South America and Asia are leading this historic battle. But let there be no mistake. The forces of the pharmaceutical cartel, entrenched in the WHO, will not give up voluntarily.
       The people of the world have to wake up to the fact that the interest groups converting the WHO into its opposite are the same interest groups who have forced the war against Iraq and the current international crisis on this planet. Thus, the war for control of the WHO will be fought with the similar brutality of any military war. The comparison is allowed – after all, the victims in both cases are thousands or millions of people.
       The outcome of this battle for the control of the WHO is certain: the people of the world, for their own sake and for the sake of generations to come, will win this battle and retake control of this world body. How long this will take, will lastly depend on the people of the world being informed about these developments and telling their governments to take action at the national and international level. In the meantime it is essential that there are organizations that cannot be bought, bribed or influenced in any other way. The Dr. Rath Health Foundation was founded to make a contribution towards this goal.
Can you explain more about the Codex Alimentarius Commission?
       Codex Alimentarius is a commission of the WHO and FAO. About half of its members are directly or indirectly related to the pharmaceutical industry. While Codex Alimentarius addresses a variety of questions related to food protection, the vast majority of its time, efforts and resources have been wasted in the battle of the pharmaceutical cartel against the dissemination of natural health information related to vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.
       After my discoveries of the scurvy-heart disease connection, the success of my book “Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks” and after a first attempt to outlaw natural therapies in the USA had failed in 1994, the drug companies revitalized “Codex Alimentarius” in 1995. Since then they have been leading a vigorous effort to protect the pharmaceutical business with disease from effective, save, non-patentable micronutrients. This commission now meets every year behind closed doors. Its primary goal is to outlaw preventive and therapeutic health statements related to vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. These unscrupulous rec-ommendations would be passed on behalf of the pharmaceutical cartel to the United Nations Gen-eral Assembly and recommended to be become binding law for all member countries of the United Nations, that is worldwide. This, at least, is the plan of the pharmaceutical cartel.
       For the past few years we have organized regular protests against the ‘Codex’- plans of the Pharmaceutical Cartel, including scientific conferences, rallies and protest campaigns directed towards the members of the ‘Codex’ Commission and the governments still supporting it. During the most recent protest campaign more than 600 million (!) protest letters reached the governments and members of parliaments of the countries still supporting this unscrupulous effort.
       On the eve of the ‘Codex’ meeting in November 2002 in Berlin we had a conference of health ex-perts from around the world, including South Africa. Not surprisingly it was at this ‘Codex meeting’, when the official delegation of South Africa unmasked for the first time the hypocrisy behind ‘Codex Alimentarius’. To understand the significance of this step the following facts need to be clarified:
       No one of healthy mind would support a ban on natural health just like that. The drug Cartel there-fore needed to provide a pretence for the yet undecided politicians why they should outlaw natural health therapies. That pretence was the invention of non-existing vitamin side effects. Of course, these side effects only exist in the imagination of the pharmaceutical interest groups and on the drawing boards of their global PR-machinery. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are the building blocks of life and the body can eliminate any surplus of them without any problems.
       This is in sharp contrast to synthetic pharmaceuti-cal drugs. Because they are synthetic, the body does not know them and this is the reason why almost all pharmaceutical drugs are related to se-vere side effects. According to the April 15, 1998 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Asso-ciation these deadly side effects of pharmaceutical drugs have become the fourth-leading cause of death in the industrialized world. Ignoring all these facts, the pharmaceutical PR-machinery tries to manipulate worldwide public opinion and twist the arms of the politicians they need to pass these un-scrupulous recommendations of Codex Alimen-tarius.
       It is with this background that we have to appreci-ate the position the South African government took at the ‘Codex’ Meeting in 2002, unmasking the hypocrisy of the decade long efforts of the drug Cartel within ‘Codex’ by supporting our arguments as an official government position. But this was no coincidence. Two years earlier the South African government had taken on the fight against the pharmaceutical cartel by refusing to pay the royalties on AIDS drugs.
       Their argument was straight forward: Paying the exorbitant royalties for these drugs will make them unavailable for the vast majority of people in South Africa and the developing world. Thus the pharmaceutical industry, by insisting on these huge profit margins, is deliberately risking the death of millions of people in Africa and around the world. The Drug Cartel - that is the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers - was arrogant enough to sue the South African government in the court of Pretoria. Not surprisingly, this war was not won in the courtroom but in the court of public opinion.
       Worldwide protests against the “killing in the inter-est of the pharmaceutical business with disease” made it impossible for the pharmaceutical cartel to continue this litigation. In January 2001, only weeks after it had challenged the South African government in court, the pharmaceutical cartel conceded its defeat and withdrew its litigation. The South African government had won an historic victory against the pharmaceutical cartel. In the meantime many countries are following the example of the South African government and are producing their own drugs without having to pay the strangulating patent fees.
You mentioned AIDS drugs. Are there natural alternatives to these drugs?
       It is a scientific fact that essentially all viruses can be partially or completely blocked by natural thera-pies. Ascorbate (vitamin C) decreases the multipli-cation (replication) of viruses. A study published in the influential Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA in 1990 showed that Vitamin C in amounts that can be taken by people on a daily basis could block the replication of the HIV-Virus by more than 99,9%! The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the US is one of the most widely read scientific publications in the world. Thus, for over an entire decade the pharmaceutical industry, the World Health Organization and the medical establishment knew that there are natural, non-patentable alternatives to drugs. Moreover, these natural treatments are more effective than any current pharmaceutical approach in controlling the disease.
       A second substance critical to block the spreading of viruses is the amino acid lysine. Since all viruses spread by digesting the surrounding tissue (collagen) with the help of enzymes (collagenases) neutralizing these enzymes will decrease or prevent the spreading of the virus. The natural amino acids lysine and proline have been shown to accomplish this effect. Moreover, vitamin A and other essential nutrients have been documented to enhance the immune system and thereby contribute to the effective prevention and treatment of AIDS.
       We have documented many of these studies on the website of our Foundation for anyone to take immediate advantage of and help spread this life-saving message – patients, health professionals and health politicians alike.
Why do you think that the UN-AIDS program benefits the pharmaceutical industry?
       Most of the United Nation's programs are domina-ted by pharmaceutical interest groups. This also relates to the UN-AIDS program. We have to understand that for the pharmaceutical industry, a battle of credibility has begun in the countries of the developing world as well as in the industrialized countries. More and more of these countries realize that there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs that are not only more effective but also available at a fraction of the costs and without paying prohibitive patent royalties. Thus, many gov-ernments of the world have realized the unscrupu-lous nature and fraudulent business scheme of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ and are now refocusing their national health strategies on natural health approaches.
       We have to understand that any country that de-cides to move away from the pharmaceutical business with disease is a nail in the coffin of this investment industry. Such a decision not only means that the pharmaceutical industry will make only a fraction of its revenues in this country. There is a much worthier consequence: every country that turns its back on the pharmaceutical business with disease is a contribution to the world to open its eyes to the century old fraud business with disease maintained and promoted by the pharmaceutical investment groups.
       The consequences as more and more countries liberate themselves from the yoke of the pharma-ceutical cartel are devastating for that industry. Imagine what will happen when more and more countries in the world realize that the AIDS epi-demic can be contained by providing sufficient vi-tamin C and other non-patentable natural therapies in optimum amounts to their people. Imagine the reaction of people who realize that the drug industry has deliberately withheld the life-saving information of these natural ingredients from them?
       We are just witnessing this turning away from the drug companies on a global scale. The govern-ments of Jordan, United Arabic Emirates, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Malawi and many other Afri-can governments as well as the Peoples Republic of China have decided to embark on natural health care strategies. What the pharmaceutical investment industry is facing is not simply a ‘domino effect’ - it is the crashing of the ‘Berlin Wall’ of the global pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’.
       In order to serve the people and the nations most effected by AIDS, the United Nations and all its Organizations need to take advantage of the breakthroughs in natural health and make this knowledge and these therapies available to the people of the world as soon as possible.
Don’t you have enemies if you attack such powerful interest groups as the pharmaceutical industry?
       I have been facing these powers ever since I picked up the torch from two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling. I was fully aware from the very be-ginning that the discovery of the scurvy-heart dis-ease connection alone is incinerating a multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical market forever. So picking up this battle to liberate mankind from the yoke of this deceitful and immoral industry was a deliberate decision.
       Looking back, there are a few important lessons to be learned. If one scientist, one man can make such a difference to the course of human events as to bring down the largest investment industry on earth, it is not solely because of my own strength. The main reason why, together with a few people, I was able to initiate the demise the largest investment industry of the 20th industry was, because the nature of this industry was deception: promising ‘health’ and selling ever more disease.
       Once the fraud was unmasked there was no de-fense to protect it from demise. Thus, over all those years that I have confronted the pharmaceutical industry and accused them publicly as being fraudulent and risking the lives of millions of people, they never dared to openly counter attack. Nor did they openly question my scientific discoveries.
       What has happened though, are efforts by some of the pharma-dependent medical opinion makers and media to discredit me as a person. But that is the fate of everyone who dares to stand up for what is right. I hope that many young people, future generations, can learn from this example and will have the courage to stand up for what they will recognize as being right when their time comes.
       As for my personal safety, many people ask me whether I’m not afraid for my life. They refer to the latest novel by John le Carré ‘The Constant Gardner’ and the fact that the business model of the pharmaceutical industry has no respect for lives. John le Carré himself wrote in the epilogue to his book that while working on this book he realized that “compared to the pharmaceutical reality his novel reads like a vacation post card”.
       If you are in a privileged situation, like I am, that you can make a difference to the lives of millions of people on earth for generations to come, you make the right decision. Speaking out the truth loud and everywhere becomes your best protection from those interest groups opposing you. The series of Open Letters I published on behalf of our Foundation in various countries was just another step in this process.
What were the goals of your global informa-tion campaign “Make Health - Not War”?
       From the very onset of the current international crisis, the people of the world were suspicious about the so-called “war on terrorism” propagated by the Bush administration. In every rally against this war held anywhere in the world there were posters that revealed one of the true motives of this war: oil.
       If your goal is only oil, you do not need to create global mass hysteria, you do not need to convert the society in the USA into a paramilitary state and you do not need to build an entire ‘Big Brother’ office with 67.000 people spying on your very own citizens – all of that under the pretense of ‘Homeland Security.’ This only makes sense if you are afraid of something in your very own country and the entire population is potentially threatening your economic profits and your political rule.
       As explained in my open letters, repeatedly, the primary benefactor of the current crisis, the war against Iraq and the potential third world war, is the pharmaceutical industry. Faced with debilitating lawsuits worldwide in August 2001, the pharmaceutical industry was not only the largest benefactor of the tragic events of September 11. In an effort to make a last stand to stabilize the breaking dam of credibility of its fraud business, the investment groups behind this industry faced the demise of their entire investments.
       You have to understand that, if you are able to create the largest investment industry on planet earth on a fraud model and the fraud is revealed, there is no sector of society that is not affected. This is exactly the situation the Rockefeller group is currently faced with. This is the reason why they placed Donald Rumsfeld, a former executive of pharmaceutical multinational companies, into the position of the minister of war essentially determining where and how long the bombs will fall. This is the reason why the pharmaceutical industry was the single largest donor for the election campaigns of George Bush, including the midterm elections in November 2002 governed by a clear war agenda.
       Make no mistake that these interest groups - facing their own demise – are ready to drag all of mankind with them. Such a situation 500 years ago triggered the transition from medieval times to Modern Times in Europe. Faced with their own demise, the rulers of that time started a war against their own people. In the “30-year war” (1618 - 1648) one third of Europe was destroyed and tens of millions of lives sacrificed.
Can you elaborate on this historical paral-lel that terminated the Medieval Times?
       400 years ago, millions of common people of Europe learned to read and write through the in-vention of the printing press and the translation of the first books from Latin into the spoken lan-guages. This ‘liberation from illiteracy’ terminated the medieval times in Europe and ignited what is known today as modern times. No force, no wars, no dictatorship could prevent millions of common people then to give up their right to reading, writing, knowledge and to a dignified life.
       In a similar way today no war, no abandoning of civil rights, no ‘Big Brother’ state will be able to stop the liberation of mankind from the yoke of the pharmaceutical cartel. Too many people have already died in vain, too many economies have already been ruined by these corporate interests and now the people of the world are understanding why all that is happening and they will continue to fight for their right to natural health.
       Our campaign “Make Health - Not War” shows the interest of the pharmaceutical industry behind the current war and the next ‘world war’ already announced by former CIA-Director James Woolsey. It is also a call to action, not to allow that to happen. Everyone, anywhere in the world can immediately take advantage of the great breakthroughs in the area of natural health. Every household, every doctor’s office, every hospital and every health care system that takes advantage of natural health approaches deprives the pharmaceutical interest groups from the money they need to finance the next war. This is why the two areas are so connected.
       The people of the world are waking up to the fact that the same interest groups that continue to allow diseases to kill millions of people for financial gain are the same interest groups that are now dragging mankind into a third world war. And the people of the world are waking up to realize that this health sector is the single most strategic sector to change the fate of our planet towards a healthier and also a more peaceful world. The equation is simple. There are a handful of investors wanting to continue benefiting from diseases and war and there are the interests of more than 6 billion people in a world without disease and without war. The outcome of this battle is certain. We, the people, will win it, but more and more people need to join.
Who financed your campaign “Make Health - Not War”?
       This campaign was made possible by the contribu-tions of people who have already been helped by natural health therapies. Our research institute provides knowledge and natural health programs that allow people with heart disease, heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetic circulatory problems, cancer, osteoporosis and many other conditions to benefit from natural health breakthroughs in the areas of vitamin research and cellular medicine. Hundreds of thousands of people and patients in 5 continents are already taking advantage of these breakthroughs. The health benefits in many cases go beyond anything they ever experienced with pharmaceutical drugs.
       Consequently, they do not only enjoy the benefits of these natural health approaches but also want this knowledge to be disseminated worldwide in order to help other people who do not know about these breakthroughs yet. Thus, the support for this campaign comes from people who experienced the benefits of what they believe in and what they fight for in their own life and their own bodies. Otherwise this worldwide information campaign would not have been possible.
What are some of the most significant ac-complishments of your campaign “Make Health - Not War?”
       By exposing the pharmaceutical industry as the instigator and primary corporate benefactor of the current international crisis and the war, we made a major contribution that this war was denied any legitimacy and mandate by the international community. Those who conducted it can now be held responsible in front of international courts for the rest of their lives, once the people of the world unite behind this demand.
       The publication of my Open Letters in the “New York Times” was deliberately chosen. The New York Times is published in a city that hosts the United Nations. Hardly ever in its history have more politicians, heads of states and governmental representatives gathered at the seat of the United Nations than in February and March this year. Thus the information contained in my Open Letters and the exposure of the pharmaceutical industry as the primary corporate benefactor of this war reached virtually every country of the world. Moreover, many newspapers, especially from the smaller countries with a seat in the UN Security Council like Chile, Pakistan, Cameroon etc. - but also Turkey - printed my Open Letters in their countries. The fact that millions of people in these small countries were alerted and informed about the corporate background of this war was a significant factor why their governments resisted the tremendous political pressure and economic bribes from the administrations of the United States and Great Britain.
       These two countries are the largest export nations of pharmaceutical products in the world. The money from two out of three pills sold anywhere in the world goes back to these countries. And it is precisely this money that brings corrupt and dependent politicians into the White House and into Downing Street and it is this money that is now also used to finance the war in the Middle East and the already announced ‘World War.’
       The second goal we accomplished was that this war against Iraq did not turn into a nuclear or bio-chemical holocaust. By exposing the interests be-hind this war, the fact that a war with weapons of mass destruction would automatically serve as a strategic goal of the pharmaceutical industry to es-tablish global martial laws and abandon civil rights in the countries of the world in order to cement its monopoly is also exposed.
       The survival of the pharmaceutical industry was, is and continues to be dependent on a war involving weapons of mass destruction in the battlefield or through some staged attacks at home and as soon as possible. It is also a historic fact that every day, every week that this does not happen the pharmaceutical industry is denied the possibility to impose global muzzling laws and thereby cement its monopoly on the global ‘market with diseases’. By exposing these plans openly and worldwide we have denied the pharmaceutical investment circles the ability to reach their goals so far.
       On a side note, the publication of these open letters reads like a spy novel or an episode from inspector Colombo. When the police officer is not sure about the crime of a potential suspect, he confronts the suspect with some evidence in order to test the reaction. This too was my intent when I published these Open Letters. If I was right, and I knew I was, then the ‘criminals’ had to act.
       And what a reaction that was. Only 24 hours (1 day) after the pharmaceutical industry was ex-posed as the largest corporate benefactor of the September 11 tragedy and the current war, the so-called “master mind” of September 11 was pre-sented to a stunned global public. After the armies of several countries had chased the alleged masterminds behind September 11 through the Hindukush Mountains for one and a half years, a sheik was suddenly found sleeping peacefully in an apartment in Pakistan and was arrested.
       For an entire week, major US media were feeding on this “Catch of the Day’ – evidently an organized media distraction. But hardly anyone outside the USA believed this media stunt anyway. The international press already suspected the hidden agenda – even in the media of the ‘war ally’. The British newspaper “The Independent” wrote about the suddenly detected sheik: “What a convenient discovery”.
       Even more significant were the reactions in the US congress and US law enforcement community. Many intelligent people in America had already suspected a hidden agenda behind the September 11 attack. They noticed in disbelief, that precise warnings of the attack by the FBI had been ignored, that FBI superiors had silenced the whistleblowers about this attack. Even more suspicious was the fact that for more than a year, the relatives of the victims killed in the World Trade Center had been denied an official investigation into the background of this tragedy. The authority blocking this investigation was none less than the White House and President Bush himself. These relatives of the victims wanted nothing else but the truth. If this attack was truly the work of “terrorists”, any government would have an interest to immediately and with all resources available, investigate the truth - not only in the interests of the relatives but also the public at large. They asked themselves, what has the Bush administration to hide by blocking an official investigation?
       These suspicions were of course nurtured by my Open Letters telling the stunned US members of congress, the US law enforcement community and the public at large that already 70 years ago a similar event had taken place. On February 28, 1933, the German parliament was set on fire. That event too was immediately abused to abolish all civil rights and issue empowerment laws (Homeland Security Act) that became the legal foundation for a corporate and political dictatorship and for the Second World War.
       Today it is an historic fact that this attack on the German Parliament (‘Reichstag‘) was carefully planned in advance by those interest groups who used it to prepare German society for their conquest war- WWII. It is also a fact that the enabling law taking away most civil rights had already been prepared in advance. Now, 70 years later the political community and the people of America learned that the same blindfold was pulled over their eyes. And those who developed this scheme did not even bother to change the wording. 70 years ago the legal groundwork to abolish civil rights was called “Gesetz zum Schutz von Heim und Reich.” Those taking advantage of this September 11 tragedy called it, in striking analogy, “Homeland Security Act”. Did those ‘lawmakers’ really believe that the people of the world would not be able to look back for 70 years and look behind this scheme?
       An outcry went through the members of US-Congress, the political and law enforcement com-munity. They had only supported the Bush administration in the belief of a “war against terrorists’. Now they learned about a hidden agenda by those who were currently running the White House. Moreover, the US politicians and the US law enforcement community knew that the people in America - their voters - would also read the New York Times and would ask them questions they may not be able to answer.
       The phones did not stand still in the White House and in the US Department of Justice. Scared politicians and lawmakers made clear that they would not be part of any such ‘coup’ on behalf of the Rockefeller Group and their political puppets in the White House.
       The reaction was swift. Four days later US Attorney General John Ashcroft – in a surprise move - had to go public with the so-called Patriot Act No. 2. The stunned public in America learned that the current laws against terrorism were allegedly insufficient and needed to be amended. The core of these amendments was nothing less than a general immunity for the entire law enforcement community in the US executing the orders of the Bush administration.
       Thus, with the strike of a pen Bush, Ashcroft and the other political puppets of the Cartel tried to provide immunity for everyone supporting their un-scrupulous acts and their war crimes. If there was any question mark left about the true background of September 11 and the true purpose of the current international crisis, these reactions by the Bush administration to the information contained in my Open Letters should open the eyes of every intelligent person anywhere in the world.
Did you get any reactions from people liv-ing in the United States or New York City?
       We got reactions from all over the world. Leading universities, governmental organizations, doctors, and of course many patients and just general peo-ple. The most common reaction was one of grati-tude for opening their eyes to the connection be-tween the battle for survival of the pharmaceutical industry and the current international crisis. Many asked for further information either in the field of natural health alternatives or in information about the background of the pharmaceutical business with disease.
       Particularly noteworthy were the reactions from the United States where many people realized that their own government was no longer representing the interests of the majority of the people, but primarily of a small group of corporate stakeholders around the Rockefeller petrochemical and pharmaceutical interests. If you live in New York and you suspected all along that something was wrong with the official story behind September 11, you appreciate when finally someone explains to you why your own government is blocking an official independent investigation.
       I think it is high time that not only the people in New York City but also the people around the world learn the truth about the background to the September 11 tragedy. Even more so, since it has ever since been used to try to repeat that stunt on a global level by coercing the world into a crusade against illusionary terrorists.
       People asked me, do you really think that Bush and his circle would deliberately risk 3000 lives on September 11? My answer is simple: this is about the same number of people who are killed every 10 days (!) from the known deadly side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. These investment circles and their political puppets have no respect for live. They are responsible for the premature death of millions of patients worldwide.
       Since the White House on the one hand blocks such an investigation while on the other hand con-stantly abuses this event to start a world war, this matter is no longer a national issue of the US. It is the task of the United Nations to demand and initiate an independent investigation into this tragedy. This is a legitimate demand, since New York City is not only the seat of the United Nations but the entire discussion and debate at this world forum for a year and a half has been overshadowed by this tragedy. It is time for the people and the governments of the world to stand up and remove any questions about the background of September 11. And the US government better cooperate with this international investigation - otherwise its credibility will have vanished.
Do you think that the September 11 attack will transform the United States into a dictatorship?

       It already has. We are not talking about the dicta-torship of one man or a political party. We are talking about a dictatorship of a small group of economic interests that use the current administration as puppets to cement its global interests. Already, in January this year, a group of concerned citizens including Ralph Nader, the actress Susan Sarandon and representatives of the environmental organization Green Peace, published a full-page alert in the New York Times with the title “Big brother is not coming – He is already here”. The words “Big Brother” refer to the novel by George Orwell ‘1984’ in which he describes a society that is controlled, manipulated and abused by a small special interest group with direct access to every private aspect of life. Indeed, much of this is already reality in the United States today. Without any court order, bank accounts can be screened, e-mails be read, telephone conversations be taped, letters be opened, homes searched and other basic civil rights be violated. All of these mind-boggling laws were justified with the staged events of ‘September 11’ and under the pretence of a “War against Terrorism”.
       One of the most basic human rights that the current Bush administration is trying to take away from the people in America is the right to free access to natural health information. This civil right has been guaranteed by law to the people of America since the “Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act” was passed unanimously in August of 1994. Restricting access to natural health therapies and information about natural means to prevent and treat diseases is a goal so sacred to the American people that they would not allow that to happen in peace times. More than 50% of the American people take micronutrients on a daily basis to improve their health. The only way to take away this right is by imposing it during a state of “martial law”
       This is precisely the background to why the Bush Administration will not seek peace in the Middle East - to the contrary. They will use post war Iraq as a stepping-stone to escalate an international crisis and further wars that include the use of weapons of mass destruction. Without a global terror of that magnitude they cannot accomplish these goals!
       The people of America and the world have to be very alert that they see through the intricate maze of tactics and tricks implemented by the cartel and its political stakeholders with the goal to push through their real goals behind their masquerade of an alleged “War against Terrorism”.
You say that the pharmaceutical cartel would benefit from a war with weapons of mass destruction. Can you explain that further?
       If you see that an event that destroyed two build-ings in New York City and killed 3.000 people could be abused to turn an entire country into a state of fear, that allows just about any civil right to be taken away, you can draw your own conclusion. The interests of the pharmaceutical cartel are global in nature. It cannot allow one continent or even a few countries to escape its control mechanisms.
       For example, if the countries of South America would document the superiority of natural health therapies over pharmaceutical products, it would destroy the entire global monopoly of the pharma-ceutical fraud business. In the age of the Internet and instant global communication, the eradication of entire diseases by natural means in any corner of the world would immediately spread to all other corners. Thus, any counter-measure imposed by the pharmaceutical Cartel – in their strategies - has to be global in its nature.
       The plan of the pharmaceutical cartel therefore is to multiply the psychological fear factor of September 11 on a global scale. The best way to do that is a war in which weapons of mass destructions are used. And the best way to provoke such a war is to start a war in a region with countries believed to possess such weapons of mass destruction and ready to use them in case of their extinction. Any use of weapons of mass destruction on the battlefield or in the London or New York subway, through some revenge by people provoked by the brutality of the war, would form the legitimacy of the pharmaceutical cartel to demand a global implementation of martial laws. This in turn would create an international atmosphere to extend the ‘Big Brother’ regime currently being established in the US – but on a global scale.
       Now that the revelations of this plan in my Open Letters and in this interview has essentially killed this strategy, an alternate plan has developed. It is no coincidence that the new epidemic, SARS, became a worldwide fear factor in the very week the strategists behind the Iraq war realized that they could not materialize their preferred plan, to provoke a war with weapons of mass destruction.
       The global hysteria promoted by the media around SARS has nothing to do with the real danger from this epidemic. SARS is simply a viral disease that, just like any other viral disease, can be largely contained and prevented by optimum amounts of ascorbate (vitamin C) and certain other natural molecules. But these molecules are not patentable and therefore are not promoted. What is promoted though is a global fear of some mystery epidemic and that scare serves only the Cartel: it drives people’s minds back into a dependency upon the pharmaceutical industry and it promotes a climate where – at least some - enabling laws can also be pushed through.
       There is no need to be scared of SARS. Its cause is the corona virus that has been known for a long time. Two spoonfuls of vitamin C powder a day, together with some other vitamins that boost the immune system, are the measure of choice to control SARS, just like any other viral disease. Since ascorbate (vitamin C) is known to block the most aggressive virus known today – HIV/AIDS – by more than 99%, it can also effectively contain SARS.
       Instead of creating a mysterious fear that only serves special interest groups, health politicians, health professionals and people should help to educate others about the natural means available right now to control SARS and other health problems.
       In one of your open letters you mentioned the “Rockefeller-financed Trilateral Commission” as a key organization behind George Bush and his administration. What is the Trilateral Commission and what are your sources for this information?
       On September 13, 1998, two years before George Bush was elected, the New York Times published a long research article with the title “Is there a role for another Bush?” The article features the connections of the Bush dynasty to the Rockefeller group, the petrochemical industry and other national and international liaisons. The article stated that with George Bush junior, the “Rockefeller financed Trilateral Commission” would enter the White House again. The article also highlights the fact that George Bush senior, Vice president under Reagan and president during the first Iraq war, had been on the board of this Trilateral Commission.
       The Rockefeller consortium expanded its power from the petrochemical to the pharmaceutical sec-tor during the first half of the twentieth century. With ever more capital to be administered and reinvested, it became obvious that the national scope of the Rockefeller group would not be sufficient to consider the needs of a global investment body. Thus, in 1972 the Rockefeller group decided to found an informal group of people to coordinate their financial interests worldwide.
       The three legs of the organization would represent the three economic power centers of our time; the United States, Europe and Japan – hence the name Trilateral. The first chairman and until this day still honorary chairman of this commission has been David Rockefeller himself. This group comprises bankers, corporate executives and other ‘global players’ who can join this group ‘on invitation only’. Their meetings are protected from the public, yet interestingly they still maintain an official website This website also lists the members of this group and it reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of high finance.
       No such organization is founded without a goal. The goal of the Trilateral Commission is to create a “New World Order” that essentially subjects the planet earth to the interests of the Petrochemi-cal/Pharmaceutical Cartel. They never made any secret about that fact and their ideas were picked up by their “hatchet men” like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfewitz, Donald Rumsfeld and some others currently found in and around the Bush-Administration and the Pentagon.
       It does not take a degree in history or political sci-ence to add one and one to make two. The fears raised in the New York Times article from 1998 have become reality, with the Bush-administration the “Rockefeller financed Trilateral Commission” has entered the White House and the Pentagon, the most powerful political and military centers of the world. There was never any doubt, that the political puppets of the Trilateral Commission would use this opportunity to vigorously and unscrupulously pursue its goal of a New World Order.
       Anyone having any doubt about that may recall the force with which the current administration twisted the election results in 2000 in its favor and filled all strategic positions in the administration with “hawks” of uncompromising nature to realize the goals of the Rockefeller group’s “New World Order”. I considered it necessary and important to document the Rockefeller connection behind the quest for a world war in one of the Open Letters in the New York Times. Rockefeller “hatchet man” Richard Perle ‘survived’ this exposure of the Trilateral Commission in my Open Letter for only a few days. Then he had to resign from his Pentagon post under a pretence.
       It goes without saying, that the course of history, the future of this planet, can and will not change unless these connections are revealed and pre-sented for the people of the world to see. The interest groups making money from the continuation of diseases and from a third world war have names and faces. These names and faces have to be known to the people of the world. Thus, our website lists those names taken from the information officially available about the Trilateral Commission.
       These people are now known to the world. As long as they serve on the Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission they are responsible for what happens in the name of the Rockefeller-Cartel. Consequently, they must be held responsible for everything that the Bush administration is currently doing. Now that it has led a war against any international law, these interest groups are to be held responsible too for any war crimes committed. Charges for mass murder, war crimes, exploitation, plundering and just about any other illegal act that is conducted by the Bush administration must also be brought against those ‘who made George Bush’. And these executives should know about this.
       It was only in March this year that in the Hague, the Netherlands, the International Criminal Court ( was established. It is not surprising that the Bush-administration has been fighting the establishment of this court vigorously. They knew that they could be the first to be brought in front of this court and have their actions scrutinized by the world with those responsible being brought to justice. In the Nuremberg War Tribunal in 1947 the executives of those industries that instigated WWII - managers of the petrochemical/ pharmaceutical cartel I.G. Farben - were also sentenced for such war crimes.
       With the people of the world being unanimously united in the condemnation of this war against Iraq and any future war, how do these members of the Rockefeller financed Trilateral Commission think they can escape being brought to justice? It puzzles me how short thinking top executives can be. In a world of transparent communication it would indeed require a global marshal law to prevent this information from being disseminated around the world and then being held responsible. The only question is: when the tribunal takes place.
The name Rockefeller is not much in the public debate. If they are so influential, why don’t we see more of them in public?

   In some areas of the world the rulers are still visible and honored by their people with their pictures being present everywhere. The most powerful people in the world choose another avenue. They exert their powers clandestinely and they hate the public eye. The Rockefeller group controls more than 200 pharmaceutical companies, large and small, without anyone talking publicly about it. The Rockefeller group is behind some of the most influential financial institutions in the world including Chase Man-hattan Bank and others. The Rockefeller group, of course, owns the Exxon consortium and other multinational petrochemical companies. The annual revenues of Exxon alone surpass the sum of the gross national product of half of the countries on earth.
       The Rockefeller consortium also controls the me-dia, including Time Warner, CNN and an entire network of newspapers, radio- and TV-stations. Thus, it is no surprise that US public opinion could be manipulated to the point that many innocent people were misled to support such illegal actions as a war against any international law. And those who were in doubt were further manipulated by paid ‘opinion polls’, the results of which were openly questioned in the New York Times and elsewhere.
       The counterpart of the Rockefeller group in the US is the Rothschild group in Great Britain with controlling investments in the drug industry of the second largest export nation of pharmaceutical products.
Are you suggesting that governments of the world should file complaints with the International Criminal Court in The Hague against George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and others?

       Absolutely yes! The world community has long worked for establishing this court that was set up to prosecute violations of international law, especially war crimes committed in wars that were started or conducted without any international legitimation. When, if not now, is there a situation where those who started the war against Iraq and are about to bring conflicts to other countries have to be brought to justice. If they are not stopped now, they will continue harassing the people of the world, endangering the lives of the people and risking dragging down planet earth in their own demise. Again, the people of the world have to understand that the pharmaceutical industry, the largest investment industry on planet earth, is doomed. It will disappear - the only question is when. Secondly, there is no question that those who are responsible for having conducted this unscrupulous business with disease and have had to justify the unnecessary and premature death of millions of people are doomed with them. Do you think that they will give up voluntarily?
       The people of the world and their elected govern-ments have to wake up to this situation. The Bush Administration openly propagates the escalation to a new world war. And they will do it, unless the people of the world stop them. Since they cannot be stopped militarily without risking a world war, they need to be stopped with two other means available: economic and political means.
       The economic means is a blockade of the pharmaceutical business with disease by refocusing the national health care systems of nations worldwide on natural health and by refusing to pay the patent fees on a small amount of pharmaceutical drugs that may still be needed - for example antibiotics.
       The political means are legally important and must be tackled without delay. The people of the world have to force their governments to start formal proceedings against the Bush and Blair administrations for committing war crimes and violations of human rights. The Court for these violations to be brought to and dealt with is the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands.
       A complaint needs to be filed for starting and con-ducting a war against any international law, for mass murder, exploitation, plundering of public and private property and other crimes against humanity and violations of international law. If we, the people of the world, and the governments of 180 countries will let Bush and Blair and the Rockefeller Cartel and the members of the Trilateral Commission get away with terrorizing the world with illegal wars - without holding them responsible - then the United Nations, all its legal framework of International Law and the entire UN Court System is worth nothing any longer.
       It is not enough that just the government or corpo-rations are named as defendants. The individual members of the government, George Bush, Con-dolezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft and all the others have to be named personally. Tommy Franks and the generals conducting this war without any international mandate have to be named personally. All members of the Rockefeller-Group, the Trilateral Commission and other bodies yet to be identified who instigated, promoted, or benefited economically from the plundering of foreign countries have to be named personally. The same goes for the British side. Not only the Blair Administration, but also the heads of the Rothschild Banks and other direct and indirect profiteers from this illegal war must be exposed. This list must comprise bankers, politicians and other corporate ex-ecutives, whether they are from the US, from Europe or from anywhere around the world.
       Another complaint has to be filed against the heads of the pharmaceutical industry for the crimes they have been committing on behalf of the pharmaceutical investment industry against the people and the governments of the world. All of that has to happen without delay.
       To facilitate these steps, we have published a draft outline of the complaints and a list of the most important defendants on the website of our Foundation. We call upon every government to take immediate steps towards filing these complaints officially. Ideally, those steps are taken with several states together e.g. the African union, the South American countries and the Asian countries, so as to minimize the risk of economic retaliation threats by these cartels.
       Most important is the support of the people of the world for their governments to take these actions. I call upon every single person on planet earth to take action to push your own government to file a formal complaint against these interest groups.
       Either we, the people, allow these forces to bring our planet into an abyss, or we take control now. Of course, we the people, may have to drag our governments along to initiate a formal complaint in The Hague. Governments are slow and easily intimidated, especially when someone carries a large economic stick. But we are the people. Can we do it? Of course! And the people of the world have to unite in this endeavor.
       We have to realize: the exposure alone of these interest groups behind the war efforts is the single most important step to prevent another world war. The world can simply not afford another war like the Iraq war, with every day bringing the risk of an outbreak of world war three. The time to act is now. Every responsible politician, every citizen of planet earth needs to realize this historic opportunity and act immediately.
What can the people do?

       Everyone should familiarize themselves with the breakthroughs in the area of natural health. Everyone, no matter whether you live in New Deli, Cairo, Johannesburg, New York, Buenos Aires or Mexico city, no matter whether you live in a developing country or an industrialized country, should inform themselves about the breakthroughs in natural health that can effectively and immediately replace more than 80% of current pharmaceutical prescription drugs. With further research in the area of natural health I estimate that within the next years 95% of pharmaceutical drugs will be rendered re-dundant.
       That means that the people of the world have the possibility to take away 95% of the revenues the pharmaceutical cartel uses to finance the continuation of its unscrupulous business with disease and to continue supporting politicians like Tony Blair and George Bush in their election campaigns. Think about that! What a great opportunity for everyone immediately to make a contribution not only to a healthier world but also to guarantee peace for the future of this generation and for the generations of our children and grandchildren.
       In addition, you need to organize local support groups to bring your governments to file an official complaint in The Hague and in other courts, to bring those to justice who are behind the current world crisis and who benefit from it. Bringing these forces and their actions to the daylight is a precondition to diminish their future influence and prevent further damage from these interest groups to our planet and its people.
       I’m often asked why have we not heard or seen the pharmaceutical interests behind this current war scenario before? The answer is very simple. These interest groups are hidden behind an umbrella of philanthropy and well doing for this planet. Before understanding the unscrupulousness and meanness of the pharmaceutical business model you first need to tear down the masquerade of philanthropy in order to see the true nature of the unscrupulous investment character of the pharmaceutical business with disease. Now that this is done, there is no time to be lost. This interview provides a strategy for the people of the world and their political representatives to take immediate action to preserve our planet and to hand over a healthier and more peaceful world to our children.
How do you see the role of the United Nations in the future?
       It is not enough for the United Nations to compete with the United States for building a government of post war Iraq. Confining the role of the world body to that is nothing short of a capitulation in front of the petrochemical and pharmaceutical cartel and its political and military operators. This must never happen.
       The United Nations themselves should be the driving force to bring George Bush, Tony Blair and the other violators of international law to justice. Imagine what an important step it would be for the world body to file such a complaint on behalf of the majority of the general assembly of the United Nations. There is no question in my mind that such a decision can be made and will be made.
       The United Nations must be protected. But it is not protected by giving in to the interests of the pharmaceutical cartel and trying to compromise with them. The role of the United Nations, if it wants to play a role in the future, has to be one of self-confidence and implementation of its own authority.
       No one, no government, not even the most powerful government in the world, must be allowed to ignore the decisions of the United Nations and hope to get away with it. Those who do so, must be brought to justice and their motives must be exposed to the world. This is the most urgent and most immediate role of the United Nations.
       Of course, the same is also true for the sub organizations of the United Nations like the World Health Organization. An immediate process of cleansing away the interests of the pharmaceutical industry has to take place. It can no longer be tolerated that the people of the world believe in the World Health Organization as a body protecting their health while the primary agenda of the WHO has long ago become an instrument of the pharmaceutical interests. This must stop. Exposing the pharmaceutical interests as the main benefactor of the current crisis will be an important contribution to also stop the abuse of the World Health Organization and bring it back to its original mission: improving health on a global level, particularly in the developing world where this organization is most needed.
       The goal of your Foundation is “Health For All By The Year 2020”. Do you really be-lieve it is possible to accomplish this goal?
       With the scientific knowledge currently available in the area of vitamin research and cellular medicine it is possible to largely eliminate three out of four diseases in the industrialized world. In the developing countries more than 2 billion people suffer from deficiencies in micronutrients rendering them susceptible to infectious diseases and other health problems. Together with education, improved hygiene and measures to fight hunger and unemployment, the knowledge about the health benefits of micronutrients will be a key factor in improving the health and the well being of the people in the developing world.
       And imagine the amount of money that will be lib-erated for education and other social measures, once it is no longer drained by the pharmaceutical industry and its largely ineffective and unsafe “business with disease”. On a global level we are talking about trillions of dollars that will become available for preventive health measures, education and to meet other social needs once the pharmaceutical business with disease is largely banned from this planet.
       Of course there will be still diseases in the year 2020, but heart attacks, strokes, cancer, osteopo-rosis and many other of today’s most common health problems will no longer be epidemics. I’m convinced that our Foundation can make a major contribution for mankind to accomplish the impor-tant goal of “Health For All By The Year 2020”.
       In this interview I have taken great care to develop a strategy for our planet to survive. As the scientist who has been fighting and exposing for more than a decade those interest groups who prevented a world of health and peace thus far, I consider it my responsibility to offer this contribution to the people of the world.
How can anyone, anywhere in the world work with your Foundation and support its goals?
       At the present time our main means of communi-cation is the Internet. In the absence of the World Health Organization fulfilling its mission to provide natural health information to the people of the world, we have taken on this important task as one of our first focuses.
       The website of our Foundation has become the main source worldwide for natural health informa-tion for patients, health professionals and health politicians anywhere in the world. We are working vigorously to make this information available in as many languages as possible.
       We encourage everyone to communicate with us either by letters, facsimile or e-mail and send us information about pilot projects, either existing or planned, that start the implementation of natural health in the village, community or country where you live.
       Our Foundation also serves as a clearinghouse for the campaign to put pressure on the governments of the world to bring those interests behind disease and war to justice. To facilitate that, we are preparing an international hearing in The Hague, the Netherlands, that will gather the information already available now to expose those interest groups. By doing that, we intend to facilitate the governments of the world to initiate a formal complaint at the International Criminal Court in the same city.
       These are two of the most urgent projects that we encourage everyone in the world to participate in by whatever means you have available.
You have proposed a ‘Constitution for a New World’. What are its contents and why did you do this?
       Never before in history have the people of the world been more united in their desire for a peace-ful world - from the mother of the dead US-soldier in New York to the father of the dead child in Baghdad, to billions of people in the developing world who ultimately pay the price for the injustice existing on our planet.
       With governments still intimidated by the US mili-tary power and too slow to realize the need for the world to get together now and make a statement, someone needs to stand up and say publicly what millions of people think: this is the time for the people of the earth to stand together, solve the problem at hand, and build a new world.
       As the scientist whose discoveries have contributed to putting the pharmaceutical cartel in a corner with their only escape being to take the entire world with them in their own demise, I consider it my responsibility to propose this “People’s Agenda” as a constitution and a plan of action for a new world serving the interests of the people. I call upon every citizen to support and start working for this Agenda for the sake of the future of our planet. Talk with your friends and colleagues about it and make it part of the political agenda in your country.
       This “People’s Agenda” reads as follows:

People’s Agenda
Constitution for a New World of Peace, Health and Social Justice

       At the beginning of the third millennium man-kind stands at the crossroads. On the one hand are the interests of six billion people currently inhabiting our planet - and of all future generations - who wish to live a dignified and healthy life in a peaceful world. On the other hand is a small corporate interest group denying the whole of mankind these basic human rights for one reason only - financial greed.
       In this situation, we, the people of the world, have the choice: we either continue accepting the yoke of those investment industries forcing wars and diseases upon us or we liberate ourselves from these burdens and start building a world determined by the principles of peace, health and social justice.
       We, the people of the world, recognize that never before in the course of history have we been more united to preserve peace, to termi-nate the investment 'business with disease' and to bring to justice those who sacrifice peace and health for corporate gain.
       Therefore, we the people from East and West, North and South, from rich and poor countries have decided to create a world of peace, health and social justice for ourselves and generations to come.
       As our fundamental rights we proclaim:
       THE RIGHT TO PEACE. We, the people of the world, are determined to defend our right to peace with all means available. In the age of weapons of mass destruction war is no longer an option for solving international conflicts. We will make sure that those who conduct a war without an explicit mandate by international law will be held responsible and will be brought to justice for their crimes. We will not rest until they are punished - irrespective of economic or political consequences - because we recognize that this is the only way to protect our planet from destruction.
       THE RIGHT TO LIFE. We, the people of the world, are determined to defend our right to life with all means available. We will not rest until all factors shortening the life span of people on our planet are eliminated. We will fight hunger, malnutrition and other factors already killing millions of inhabitants of our planet each year including infants and children. We will also terminate the 'investment business with disease' as the result of which more people have died prematurely from preventable diseases than in all wars of mankind put together.
       THE RIGHT TO HEALTH. We, the people of the world, are determined to defend our right to health with all means available. We will make sure that the pharmaceutical 'business with disease' the deliberate promotion of diseases for corporate gain, is outlawed worldwide. We will bring to justice those who deliberately promote diseases and those who withhold live-saving information on natural, non-patentable therapies. In providing health to our communities and in implementing national health care programs we will focus on effective and safe, natural health approaches. The primary goal of any health care strategy is prevention and eradication of diseases.
       THE RIGHT TO SOCIAL JUSTICE. We, the people of the world, are determined to defend our right to social justice with all means avail-able. We no longer accept that two out of three inhabitants of our planet live in poverty and illiteracy. We will make sure that the resources of the world are redistributed in a way that provides education and a dignified life for every citizen of our planet. To finance this redistribution we will use the financial resources liberated from terminating the multi-trillion dollar 'business with disease' and from decreasing military expenditure.
       We recognize that as a first step to reach these goals those corporate interest groups promoting war and disease need to be brought to justice in international courts for sacrificing the lives of mil-lions of people and for committing other crimes against humanity.
       Public exposure and punishment of the repre-sentatives of these corporate interest groups will remove the last obstacle for the people of the world to terminate the 'Dark Ages of Dis-ease, War and Injustice' and start building a 'New World of Peace, Health and Social Jus-tice'.

       April 2003
       Matthias Rath, M.D.