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To the EUP-members who proposed to reject the directive                     

 March 24, 2002.

de Heer Alexander de Roo, Vice Chairman, NL
Hr. Per-Arne  Arvidsson, SE
de Heer Hans Blokland, NL
Mr. John Bowis, UK
Mr. Chris Davies, UK
Mrs. Avrik Doyle, EI
de Heer Jules Maaten, NL
Mrs. Patricia McKenna, EI
Hr. Jonas Sjöstedt, SE.

Before going abroad a week ago I wrote a letter to your chairman of the Environmental Committee, Mrs. Caroline Jackson, a copy of which is shown below, slightly edited.  You may distribute the letter wherever you want.
Yours sincerely, Poul Møller

PS. I am retired and totally independant of medical, industrial and economic considerations.

Poul Møller                                               21, Auugustenborggade B
MSc, Chemistry                                        DK-8000 Aarhus C
                                                                Phone No. +45 86 11 63 11.
                                                                March 17, 2002.

Mrs. Caroline Jackson, Ph.D.
Chairman of the EU Environmental Committee,
Euro Office, 14 Bath Road,
Swindon SN1 4BA, UK.

Dear Mrs. Jackson.                

Re. Food Supplement Directive.

Mr. Hasslberger has sent me a copy of your letter of 13th inst. and I take the liberty to ask for your advice. Harmonization is OK, although it seems difficult to harmonize the South with its Mediterranian diet, vegetables, fruits and wine in abundance containing all the supplements they need to prevent chronic diseases, and the North, where supplements are a must. But I am very anxious about its contents. Its scientific background is scandalously incomplete and its political goal not in favour of the citizens and their diseases, but of the drug industry. Below I draw your attention to a downward rating, due to the taboo of amalgam misleading the SCF.
I have to apologize for the length of the letter. It deals with two comprehensive and important topics: The escalation of chronic diseases and their positive treatment with supplements.  

The medical society misinterpretes science, demands dentists to stay with amalgam, by it poisoning their patients with mercury. The symptoms and diseases are described below 1)-4). Due to the safe claim of amalgam, patients are by definition not ill, get no help and have to care for themselves. When they have found relief in vitamins and minerals, EU demands foolish restrictions. A COMPLETE MADNESS.

If I had presented my ideas to the SCF, it would have been totally unprepared to accept them. Instead I fight amalgam, the ban on which may not be so far as its consequences are becoming still more disastrous. Then everybody except the present winners will admit the directive´s foolishness.  

I must prove this horrendous accuse. In the mid-80´s my wife detected her many disorders to be of amalgam origin. They have almost disappeared, since the fillings were removed. My solid education in chemistry combined with biochemical, medical and dental sciences has made the printing of my paper in a peer reviewed US medical journal possible [1].    
Comparing the achievements of Health Science in the last century, infectious diseases and surgery have developed brilliantly, while chronic diseases lag behind. They are of chemical nature. In 1958-62 chemistry did warn of its cruelty, the thalidomide case. Now another cruelty is emerging and has to be understood. Why on earth are doctors and dentists not taught enough to understand what they are dealing with and to avoid the coming scandal.
The science behind the safe claim is misinterpreted in three ways. 1) Pathogenic mercury (Hg) is not found in blood and urine. No, it has for long been fixed in the brain and elsewhere. Blood and urine are for transportation, only. 2) A relationship between amalgam and diseases has not been "scientifically proven". Correct. It is simply impossible to prove because analyses must await post mortem. Both are scientific blunders. 3) Hg is claimed fixed in the fillings, when hardened. No, small droplets are easily being noticed on the surfaces, so it is not quite correct. After five years as much as 30% are missing, after ten 50%. Gold crowns and chewing gum accelerate the flow. In other words: There is no scientific evidence that proves any of the official claims.
Hg transforms to very stable compounds with long half lives, in the CNS over 25 years. One of them is i.a. inactivating enzymes, hormones and DNA. The other one easily penetrates protective barriers, the blood-brain, blood-retina, the placenta and mammary glands. Hg content is eight times higher in the umbilical cord and in breast milk than in mother´s blood. This compound accumulates in the brain of the fetus/baby. As it is CELL  KILLING,  it is evident that this will, in severe cases, lead to an incomplete brain development and mental retardation.

Symptoms and diseases.                                            

  1. Non diagnosable symptoms are typical for Hg-poisoning. Depression, anxiety, shyness, loss of memory, lack of concentration, fatigue, muscle and joint pains, tremor, vertigo, numbness, irritability, nervousness, suicidal thoughts, frequent colds, sinusitis and more. These patients see GP´s frequently, they make up 20% of all visits, are sent to examinations, one more costly than the other and may finally be considered "hypocondriacs". They are Hg-poisoned.
  2. Chronic diseases as senile dementia, Parkinson´s and Alzheimer´s diseases, MS, ALS,    schizophrenia, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, migraine,    tinnitus, chronic fatigue, atherosclerosis, (parts of aorta removed during by pass operations show high levels of Hg.), cancer, osteoporosis, rheumatism, reduced quality of sperm, some allergies - asthma and psoriasis - age-related eye diseases, cataract, age-related macular degeneration.
  3. The normal aging process is accelerated.
  4. As mentioned the child´s brain may be mentally retarded: Lower IQ, reduced ability of learning, hyperactivity, demand for special education, violence, criminality. DAMP-children, autism.

All in all an unnecessarily deteriorated quality of life for a great part of the population.
All four kinds of disorders are improved or cured with vitamins and minerals. That´s it! They arise, when part of our defence systems becomes too weak and no longer resists the attack. Correct removal of amalgams has in the US saved patients with leukemia, stopped seizures in epileptics and had effect when restoring hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

Two age groups are specially hit

  1. the "amalgam generation" which got 12-14 fillings in the mid-century now approaching the age of 60 and the onset of chronic diseases, and
  2. those who since the mid 70´s have got a very unstable high copper type in their fewer fillings. "It is good to kill caries bacteria"; no one cared for the impact on the body. The effect is the mental retardation in the next generation, as the girls have reached the age of fertility. Both the contaminated age groups are now escalating in numbers, contemporarily.
    Medical science is proud of the controlled experiment. Amalgam is effectively the largest uncontrolled experiment ever done, namely to experience what happens to a cohort of humans left to go through life with a potentially intolerable amount of leaking Hg-poison in their mouths,  a few cm below the brain with direct contact via the olfactory bulb. No worry about people getting ill, no accept of their illness, it has not been "scientifically approved" and no help. The age groups hit are going to demonstrate the continuing escalation of all four points 1) to 4). This is an edited version of a communication with my peer reviewer, Dr. Mike Godfrey of Auckland, NZ,. Further he wrote: "500.000 of a population of 3.5 million have gone through life this way and  we are facing a 100.000 new AD cases,  a horrendous scenario that could be totally pre-empted once MDs are instructed to look at teeth, doing ApoE genotyping (to find those most vulnerable), then getting the amalgam out with the help of competently trained dentists. All this will take a decade to establish, so we have to act NOW". We may transfer his statement to our own countries. So much for the majority of chronic diseases caused.

The Science behind the Directive - and the science missing.
Medical Science is so heavily concentrated on the randomized double blinded placebo-controlled experiment, that it does not care about parallel health science of biochemists, paid publicly, too. It shows, however, certain critical problems: In 1999 the Nordic Cochrane Center, a daughter of that in Oxford, claimed only 6 % of the papers to be scientifically healthy - in top journals, NB! i.e. leading to reliable conclusions. Recently it has shown that "there is no justification for the use of placebo". Really a blow. Further, symptoms are the starting point, and the choice between hypotheses is the result. If the real one is absent, here Hg, the reason will never be found. Nevertheless it has dictatorial power in our societies.
The same picture applies to the Directive. It may be even more serious, because there are few papers available due to lack of interest. In case a bad result appears it will get a disproportionate weight, e.g. the Finnish one of b-carotene given to heavy long term smokers with a fully developed lung cancer. It is easy to show, that this belongs to the 94% unreliable ones. In the media it is good stuff to blackmail supplements sensationnally. However, thousands of positive biochemical papers have been neglected, which would have prevented all that political nonsense on risks of safe vitamins and minerals.
Even vitamin C is claimed risky. Does the SCF know that most animals produce Vit C in big quantities? The billygoat of the size of a human produces 13 g/day and more if needed.  EU raises its fingers: No more than 2 g/day, please. Vit C producing animals live 8-10 times beyond their age of physical maturation without e.g. diabetes, heart and blood vessel diseases. It is well-known, that alternative physicians use Vit C in megadoses to depoison patients after amalgam removal and to improve and sometimes cure cancer. It is also a fact that the multi billion £ industry of the potentially fatal chemotherapy and radiation treatment of cancer fights safe supplements. The school medicine does not even know that these patients are in urgent need of vitamins to better cope with the inhuman treatment.
When doses bigger than will be allowed are to be prescribed by GP´s, normally not educated in nutrition, they are apt to use the unsafe drugs they know. The scientific work of the SCF is so, that one could demand "Once more, but with members of a wider competence!". You may now admit my concern.

What to do?

We are trying to block the directive in the Government and the Parliament, but suppose the civil servants to be too powerful. Two possibilities remain: Go to court or wait until amalgam has been banned and consequences of the directive are obvious.

In this country the daily papers practise censorship. I have a feeling that the situation is similar in the UK. Recently Mrs. Sarah Boseley, Health Editor at the Guardian, wrote a story of scientists taking money for papers ghostwritten by drug companies! She was willing to cooperate and I sent her a short manus. No answer.

Can you give any advice. Do you know of a large daily papers, which dares. I could further prepare for a presentation to the EUP or the Environmental Committee, if wanted.

Yours sincerely,  Poul Møller

[1] Møller P. Mercury in Amalgam: The cause of Chronic Diseases, Mental Retardation in the Next Generation and  Accelerated Aging. Clin Pract Altern Med, 2001; 2: 181-87. 44 ref.  More information on, and