EU Supplement Takeover
Leads To Global Dictatorship

Inge's Comment:  "Whoever controls your food and your medicine, controls whether you live or die" "Whoever protects you completely, owns you completely - and you can act now only per permission." 

"And thus we are lulled to accept new forms of slavery that most people still fail to comprehend." I.H.

Far too many people - growing up in a blacktop jungle, totally removed from Nature; learning their "wisdom" from TV/computer/media-hype-saturated peers, attending "politically-correct" schools with compartmentalized curricula; believing that food originates in the supermarket and fast-food outlets; and assuming that doctors and drugs can undo the harm that they so foolishly inflicted upon themselves, aided by "establishment policy" & are blissfully ignorant of the "essentials of life and health". That partially explains why the population has not awakened, remains complacent, and fails to react to the real significance of, or the agenda masterminding, the "EU Bill restricting access to essential nutrients"  in the marketplace.

It is difficult to understand why citizens have not risen up in unison to protest - to defend their "birthright to exercise self-sufficiency" & the one essential that precludes access to all the other "essentials for life". Without the "right to self-sufficiency", survival is totally in the hands of "regulatory masters". (It is difficult to comprehend how mass-brainwashing could condition so many, so thoroughly, that we remain intelligent enough to build and run computers, yet lack the insights that prevent our insidious slide into subservience - "the manipulated slide into the status of expedient "human resources".

Decisions over one's life or death must never be allowed to fall into the hands of "dictatorial powers" and their agendas.

By now some people have become marginally aware of the agenda of Bush's "New World Order" - they are beginning to glimpse the tip of the iceberg. How better to control the population of the world than to control who lives and dies? How better to control who lives or dies than to "own" the exclusive rights to the nutrition supply, and to own 'health-care'.? It is more than big business! Why does the Emergency Act (USA) specify mandatory compliance with dictated medications and vaccinations, failing to comply classified as 'a criminal act'? It is exercising absolute power over every human being - for your "protection", of course!.

Why do we also have this simultaneous, immoral (no, CRIMINAL) push towards GE crops, and the almost-total replacement of old seed varieties? Because the patents on GE foods give the "elite" (who own these huge conglomerate, multination companies) the absolute control over who has the 'right' - or not - to grow food. This control over the food supply enables endless manipulations, including the eradication of a targeted people through famine and engineered pestilence (as is presently happening in Iraq through imposed "sanctions" that forbid internal food and medicine production. When a people is being thus targeted, watch what happens to the children - for they are the next generation. In Iraq, the death toll includes a half million children, who will never grow up and bear more children, This used to be called 'genocide')

The restrictive laws just passed by the un-elected EU Parliament & severely restricting one's right to access nutritional supplements and herbs - will completely hijack every person's ability to exercise "self-sufficiency" and to take "personal responsibility" for his/her health and life.

Self-sufficiency is an intolerable concept in any dictator's agenda.

Folks, more than a few supplements are being removed.  Your right to life will be determined by those who control your nutritional quality, your food supply and your medicines!!!!!!!!

Don't lose by default! The health you protect is your own.

Inge Hanle
Citizens Demanding Scientific and Political Integrity

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