Dear Rob:

You made very good points on the sources of anthrax. I completely agree with you. However, what amazes me most is to see that the CDC, DHHS, and all health officials in USA and elsewhere are as always concentrating the "story" on the germ (Bacillus anthracis) and not on the host. The media are simply echoing them....

Even if we accept the possibility of any evil mind doing something with B. anthracis, to protect people we must always remember that for any infectious disease to occur we need to address three things:

1) The source of the germ itself (Bacillus anthracis in this case).
2) The modes of transmission (Inhalation, cutaneous, etc).
3. The susceptible host. Of all the tree this is the one that should be

All this hysteria (from public health officials and media) is making people susceptible to many germs besides anthrax. People will come with all type of mild and severe infections due to the behavior of health officials and the media. Anxiety, depression, and panic are all scientific known causes of immunosuppression. Once we are immunosuppressed, any germ, even the ones from our normal flora can attack us. In my publications ( it can be seen lots of scientific references regarding psychoneuroimmunology.

A host that is in good health (not susceptible) cannot be attack by any germ.
This is a law in infectious diseases!!!!!! In this regard public health officials in stead of creating panic and spreading immunosuppression by concentrating on the germs, should explain that a good nutrition always and at this moment is crucial to protect us all against any infectious illness or chemical harm. At current times it is recommended that people take B complex vitamins (adults at least 100 mgrs a day), because B complex vitamins are anti stress and besides stimulate the immune system ant protect us from internal or external biological and chemical challenges. At this specific time our diet must have lots of fruits and vegetables as a source of natural anti stress nutrients and immune stimulants. As you know there are several other spiritual, mental and physical measures that could perfectly and easily be implemented to protect people at these times.

All the best,

Roberto Giraldo, MD
Specialist in Infectious Diseases