Introduction from Dr. Leo Rebello's popular book

HIV/AIDS is like any other disease. More people die in road accidents, due to malnutrition, substance abuse, with cancers, diabetes, infective hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, etc. And yet, look at some examples of AIDS Scare :

Aids is a false alarm. Let us not panic. It is not a dread disease as is made out to be. Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Homoeopathy and other alternative therapies hold tremendous promise in AIDS as also in so-called incurable diseases. Therefore, it is time to halt the wasteful expenditure in dead-end biomedical research and divert those funds to holistic healing modalities. Even if twenty-five per cent of the total outlay made towards biomedical research is given to alternative systems of medicine, the health graph of the world will show marked improvement.

"From Aids Scare to Aids Care", "Aids No More", "Health Care is Self Care" and "Health, Peace and Plenty for All" should be the slogans of the New Millennium.

(c) Dr. Leo Rebello